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ፋሲካ (Ethiopian Easter)

Fasika (Ge’ez: ፋሲካ, sometimes transcribed as Fasica; from Greek Pascha) is the Ge’ez, Amharic,[1] and Tigrinya word for Easter, also called Tensae (Ge’ez: …

Enkutatash (New Year)

Ethiopian New Years Day, falling on September 11 in the Gregorian calendar (or September 12 Gregorian leap year), marks the perfect season, when …


Meskel feels like a continuation of the celebration of Enkutatash, making September a month of festivities. Unlike Enkuatatash, there is an outdoor celebration …

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Ashenda is one of the most colorful and attractive festival celebrated in the North and Northwestern part of Ethiopia from 21 – 25 August every …

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Irecha is celebrated once a year specially by the Oromo people around Lake Hora ,which is a crater lake in Debre Zeit area …

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Fiche is the New Year for the Sidama Nations in the southern part of Ethiopia; Hawassa area .It is celebrated for two weeks …

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